Total Care Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine in Union City and Weehawkin Nj,  is a state of the art facility conveniently located in Hudson County. Our highly trained staff will be expertly accommodate your treatment needs and help you recover quickly, pain-free and holistically without the use of drugs or surgery. We offer same day, evening and weekend appointments.
We are committed to providing a friendly environment with the most advanced therapeutic treatment options for all of our patients.

Your Satisfactions is Our Priority

When you meet one of our highly-skilled physical therapists, you will privately discuss your condition, your treatment expectations, and other health factors that may affect your treatment. Our completely personalized programs are built from the ground up for YOU.

Complimentary Insurance Verification

Before beginning treatment, our friendly staff will contact your insurance company and will review your coverage with you. We will ensure that you are well-informed throughout your recovery process.

Why Us?

We treat all manner of orthopedic injuries as well as many neurological and degenerative conditions. Our care is patient-focused and entirely customized. We help you understand how your condition is affecting your life. We work with you to restore your health and achieve your goals. We will get you back to working, playing, and living.

Each patient is given a thorough evaluation to build a custom care plan. Our licensed physical therapists are specialized in identifying and detecting:

  • muscle imbalances
  • postural imbalances
  • muscle weakness
  • flexibility concerns
  • joint breakdown
  • repetitive trauma
  • improper body alignment
  • joint dysfunctions
  • and more!

These symptoms often lead to further injury and poor functional movement patterns. Our therapists will cover preventative techniques and core stabilization exercises so that patients significantly reduce potential for recurrence of pain or injury.

Our highly skilled team will also work with you to uncover the root cause. Once established, your care team will develop an extensive treatment plan consisting of manual therapy and corrective exercise programs.

We don’t just treat the symptoms, we find the cause.

We educate patients about their injuries and explain what to expect from their rehab process.

Exceeded my expectations

HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! Dr. Arthur is the best. I’ve been coming for PT for a while and am very happy with my experience here. The facility is amazing, the staff are fun and caring, and my injury has been healing at a faster rate since I’ve started. I would highly recommend this office if you’re searching in the North Jersey area. It truly feels like a family when you come in, even the other patients remember each other and chat. They have exceeded my expectations in every way.

Erika K.

Highly recommend

I came here with limited right arm movement and couldn’t put sweater or hat on without pain in shoulder. Doctor Artur evaluated my condition and prescribed treatment. I felt much better after 2 procedures! Highly recommend this physical therapy office.

Gene S.

A wonderful experience

The staff of the clinic are very professional and spend the time necessary for each customer in order to obtain the rehabilitation of the patients. They practice different techniques for the well-being of their patients. The location is at an accessible and convenient place with great daily working hours, including on Sunday. I have had a wonderful experience here and I strongly recommend others to attend if they suffering from any pain.

Elizabeth C.

Smile through the recovery process

I began at Total Care over a month ago due to a hand surgery. It is very difficult to not only be in pain but to commit 2-3 days a week for therapy but this group made it into a positive experience. The staff accommodates your schedule even when you show up early or late, cognizant of possible pain so always check on you through the session, free parking, and not to mention state of the art equipment but with a down to earth feel. Dr. Artur and Dr. Dewang are both extremely knowledgeable and pay close attention to every person even while assisting someone else. Small attention to details such as this is why I recommend them to anyone looking to feel better and be at a place that has the ability to make you smile through the recovery process. I have regained much of the use of my hand thanks to the team.

Laura D.

My go to place

Dr. Artur M. and the entire staff are great – very friendly and they call to leave nice voicemail reminders for appointments. I’ve had PT before from sports injuries and shoulder surgery and Dr. M and staff really do a good job. I’ve had a lot of progress with range of motion with injured MCL/Knee… I saw my orthopedist three weeks later and he was pleasantly surprised that my range of motion had improved so much since my last follow up… he wasn’t expecting that much progress so that was great to hear. PT is work and it’s gonna cause pain at times, which is normal as one heals so to end the session with knee work/massage, estim, ice, and tape sends me home feeling good and not in pain. The combination takes away the ache and makes it all worthwhile as one gets stronger and begins to see all of the improvements. I highly recommend Total Care Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine. It’s easy to book appointments and they are always accommodating to when you can come. They have a skilled staff and Dr M. keeps things moving and on track by making sure everything flows… over the years I’ve been left sitting too long on the table or waiting for busy staff to move you on to the next thing. Not here though – the place runs very efficiently and although no one wants to go to PT forever. The staff here makes it a nice experience! Definitely a good choice – will be my go to place should future injuries arise.

Art H.

They treat people like family

Absolutely the best place I have ever taken physical therapy. Dr Arthur is very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. The staff is really amazing, Nicole, Hilda, Dewang, Luz and the front desk staff, they treat people like family. They make you feel really at home throughout the sessions. I am very lucky to have such professional team take care of me.

Angel Z.