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October 18, 2015

I had gone to Total Care because I was diagnosed with Bells Palsy (a condition that attacks the nerve controlling the muscles in your face making them stop working).  The right said of my face did not function at all I couldn’t smile or do something as simple as blink on that side. It’s a condition with no end date meaning I could have it for a couple of weeks to even months. I was devastated to say the least.I mean the first thing you show the world is your face, right?
Well I couldn’t be more elated than having my physical therapy at Total Care, with Dr. Mullokandov or Arthur as he introduced himself.  He was so down to earth, so positive and extremely eager to help.  He made you feel as though you’ve known him for years.  I had mentioned to him that I had a wedding to attend and in every session he would say “Your definitely going to your family’s wedding.”  It was his reassurance that made you believe in him and what he does.  I had gone 3x a week for only 3 weeks and when I was done I was able to attend the wedding but more importantly regain full functionality in the right side of my face.  And even though I took vitamin B-12 supplements and worked on facial exercises at home I have NO DOUBT that without Arthur’s help I wouldn’t have gotten back to normal so quickly. He is truly a great doctor!

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